All cheers and laughter on Etihad Team-Building Event

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For some 25 Red Nose kids and around as many Etihad Airways employees, January 25 turned out to be an awesome, fun-filled Saturday with endless laughter and surely pleasant memories.

On that day, Red Nose Foundation held a team-building event for the airline’s Indonesia branch at the Jakarta International School’s New Gym, where the airline employees had the chance to learn several fun circus tricks, including plate spinning, ball juggling, playing with flower sticks, and executing some acrobatic moves.


Etihad Airways’ Manager for Indonesia, R. Dougie Douglas, told Red Nose that he found the event to be a tremendously enjoyable and memorable experience.

“This event is truly something different for us at Etihad Airways in Jakarta. This is actually the first time where we have kids teaching us. That was wonderful and really, really fun. Involving the kids from local communities just makes it much more special,” he said.

The event itself kicked off at around 10 a.m., with a simple-yet-amusing “Say My Name!” game, in which all the participants formed one huge circle and then each of them said his or her own name and did a silly little move. Afterwards, everyone will have to follow suit by saying the name and following the move.

The sillier you move, the louder everyone laughs, the better it gets!

After that, all the participants were split into four teams, each with different activities based on well-known circus tricks. What’s more is that enthusiastic Red Nose kids accompanied the employees in their attempt to learn the tricks, with lots of shared laughter and cheers along the way.

The goal of the activities was that the Etihad Airways’ employees would have to be able to do the tricks for a collective performance in front of everyone at the end of the event.

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Dougie later said that he was really amazed that the Red Nose kids were just confident with themselves.

“It was not Dan or the other teachers who taught us how to do the juggling and all those skills. It was all the kids and I think that was really great. I truly believe that something that can contribute positively like this event is a good thing for the Red Nose kids,” he said.

According to him, the first time he knew about Red Nose Foundation was during a fundraising event last year, at which time he did not even know that the foundation is able to hold a team-building event.

“Later on, I started to talk with Dan, during which we discussed about the possibility to hold a team-building event, which I thought would be a great idea for our company.”

Involving kids in the team-building event would also help empower them, he continued.

“I believe the best gift you can give to children is education, which can provide them with hope, empowerment, and self-determination. They can make a difference for their own future. I think an event like this is the first step – and also a big one – towards achieving those goals.”

Find out all the fun that happened at the event by watching the video on our Youtube channel.

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