Their World Through Their Lens

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Photography is a fun and creative activity for the kids to experiment with, which is why we started the Kids With Cameras photography program. Armed with the few digital cameras that have been donated to the program so far, the RNF kids wandered through their village in search of subjects to photograph, keeping in mind the first bits of photographic theory they had just learnt. The results were pleasantly surprising and extremely encouraging, and are online for every one to see.

Head to our Flickr site to see photos taken by the kids in both Cilincing and Bintaro Lama.

Aside from being fun and creative, photography is also a powerful means of communication: it is a method of visual expression; it captures events, objects, places and people in time; it allows the photographer to document a story, and share that story with others. Through this project – Kids With Cameras – we hope to give our young photographers the opportunity to experience the fun and story telling abilities of photography for themselves.


Do you have an old digital camera you’re ready to part with? Donate it to the Kids With Cameras project.
Each camera donated to the program will be assigned an ID number; all of the photographs that are uploaded to Flickr will be tagged with the corresponding camera ID so that their former owner can search for photographs that have been taken with their camera since parting with it. 


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