Television and Radio

This post was written by Julia, a Red Nose intern from Germany. This is Julia’s third post; to read more by Julia follow the links below.

The third week was mainly conditioned from the press. Three out of five days journalists from television and radio was accompanying us to Bintaro and Cilincing. On the one hand the children seemed to be somehow used to the attention from outside. On the other hand cameras and unkown people taking attention. The large part of the time the children were presenting their artistic skills, but still we tried also to teach English.

Next to this I came down with a bad cold with fever and cough, which makes every single movement more exhausting. So in total I am looking forward for the weekend and to have a rest.

The weekend in Sumatra was great but unfortunately my camera broke on Thursday evening, so I had no possibility to make pictures. My mission for the next weekend will be to buy a new one, so I can also present new pictures to emphasize my impressions.

On Monday I changed the hostfamily and I am living now in BSD, so I am able to come to Pondok Indah by myself by bus. The way is long, but I am still happy that I am able to move freely. The new family is very friendly and helpful. Until know I did not have the time to share lot of experiences with them, but I hope we will find time after Hannas exams.

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