Rolling Stone Cafe and Moving…

This post was written by Julia, a Red Nose intern from Germany. This is Julia’s fifth post; to read more by Julia follow the links below.

Red Nose Foundation will have a huge fundraising event on May 11th at the Rolling Stone Café in Jakarta. The whole team went to Rolling Stones café on Friday to make seating layouts preparation. We were moving tables and chairs around to find the best way to place the seats and furnitures for the event. I felt a bit out of place and awkward to be in a place like Rolling Stone Café after working the whole week in Cilincing. After pushing, lifting and a lot of sweating, we finally made a decision to where to put the seats and tables. Exhausted but happy, we finished the day watching a reportage of Red Nose Foundation on a local tv station. The reportage is a result of having Trans 7 ( The tv station ), following us around Cilincing and Bintaro for several days last week. It was great to see the end result of their work but also strange to see myself on the screen and to take up an outside perspective on our daily work in Cilincing.

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After the meeting at Rolling Stone Café Nino, a Red Nose hunk who is living in Bogor gave me a ride to Bogor. I spent my weekend there at a frieend’s house. On Saturday we went to a National park to see the beautiful countryside and the waterfalls nearby. On Sunday morning I had the unique chance to visit an Indonesian wedding. It was very nice to see the traditional costumes and dances. After the wedding my friend brought me to the botanical garden in Bogor and on the evening I went back to Jakarta. In Jakarta I went directly to the place of another friend and he brought me on my free Monday to the seaside in North of Jakarta. It was so relaxing to sit next to the sea and do nothing. A nice change from looking at the sea from Cilincing.

At Tuesday the week started with going to Cilincing, where the children were already waiting for us. My fifth week is at the same time as Alex’s last week the other volunteer working in Red Nose. It is remarkable how fast these 5 weeks were passing bye. I’m quite sad by Alex finishing his volunteer work, because he was a person I can share my thoughts and experiences, who was in the same situation as me and were quite often sharing the same opinion about various topics.

In Bintaro the situation on Wednesday were mostly influenced from the ongoing changes there. The owner of the land, where the children and their families are living, wants to build new apartments there. As a consequence the families have to move to a area nearby and their homes will be demolished. When Dedi and I arrived in Bintaro the families there were already on the move. Some homes were already empty and partly demolished, other families were still organizing their stuff. The whole atmosphere in Bintaro was different. The classroom where Red Nose teaches was half full with “valuable” items, which the families want to keep. The already normally limited space in the classroom became smaller. Also outside, in front of the classroom several objects constrained the kids to move freely. We will see when the moving will be done and maybe Red Nose will teach in a house of one of the children’s.

On Friday after the English lessons in the morning the children are invited to “Disney on Ice” from Permata Bank. The show will hopefully entertain them and allow them to break out off their normally environment in Cilincing and Bintaro.

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