School Renovation

This post was written by Julia, a Red Nose intern from Germany. This is Julia’s sixth post; to read more by Julia follow the links below.

My sixth week in Red Nose started again on a Sunday morning, I meet up the Red
Nose crew in Jakarta International School. This is my sixth week but I am still not
able to juggle and to be honest I am not sure if I will ever learn how to juggle before
I have to leave Jakarta

After spending time at Jakarta International School, I spent the rest of the afternoon
in BSD, where my host family is living. I was busy every weekend busy and had no
time to explore the area I am living in, so this is a good chance to do so. It was good
to walk a bit around the park and the area. One thing I am really missing in Jakarta
is walking. In Germany I walk daily over long distances, but Jakarta is not built for
walking… no pedestrian ways and the heat makes you sweat after the first 500

Red Nose is searching for new employees, so we were joined from one of the
applicants in Cilincing. He hold an English lesson for the kids and afterwards Dedi
and I left for Bintaro. In Bintaro the situation is still quite similar to the situation last
week. More houses demolished, more families moved, but a big group of people is
still staying in the area.

On Friday I helped Nino taking pictures at a school in Cilincing, which will be
renovated with financial support from Red Nose Foundation and other donors.
We arrived at the school very early in the morning and the workers were already
collecting the rubbish from the playground of the school. The whole building is
in bad condition. Around 2 hours later the first trucks with cement arrived at the
school and the renovation of the playground started. It was interesting to see how
work like ground renovation is done in Indonesia compared with Germany. At the
end the result of the renovation was great and the whole school looks much more as
a school should look. On Sunday there will be an opening ceremony of the new and
improved school.

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