We’re moving the blog to an awesome new place!

“We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…

…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

-Walt Disney-

It’s been a long journey for this little blog.

This space was created in early 2009, with the first post being published on January 25, 2009 (with an apt post title, “January 25, 2009”). For the next year or so, the blog was updated with personal writings of our organization’s founder Dan Roberts, who shared his Red Nose stories for the world to read.

Then, as Red Nose grew, so did this little blog. International volunteers who spent a few months at Red Nose Foundation began following Dan’s path by sharing their own Red Nose tales and experiences in the blog. After the foundation established a dedicated Communication team, this little blog got bigger and the writings become more varied — not only about personal experiences but also announcements and reports about Red Nose’s various field activities and fundraising events.

Right now, we are glad to inform you that the blog will be moving to a new place. As of today, the Red Nose blog will be integrated with Red Nose’s official website, and can be visited at www.rednosefoundation.org/blog.

You can still find old articles, published before February 2013, here in this blog. Meanwhile, for newer articles as well as the latest updates from Red Nose Foundation, please visit our new blog, where we will continue sharing wonderful Red Nose stories from our two fields in Jakarta.

Terima kasih.

Thank you.




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