About RNF

RNF Blog Profile Page HeaderRed Nose Foundation (Yayasan Hidung Merah) is a nonprofit arts and education organization active in Jakarta, Indonesia. Established in 2008, RNF works at the grass roots level, predominately within two village communities in Jakarta: Cilincing, in North Jakarta, and Bintaro Lama, in South Jakarta. Since it was established, the foundation has grown in size and capacity, and it continues to grow.

Red Nose Foundation’s (RNF) mission is to support the educational and personal development of children living in underprivileged circumstances, and to promote the empowerment of youth through arts while assisting them to become positive contributors to society. The foundation strives to be the pioneering creative force behind education advocacy and rehabilitation. Red Nose Foundation offers a safe place for children to explore, experiment and be educated.

The foundation currently runs a number of different programs aimed at improving the quality of life of its participants and the wider community.

Red Nose Foundation has five pillar programs:

Arts and Education Outreach, the foundation’s flagship program, which has centers in Cilincing and Bintaro Lama (Photos: Cilincing; Bintaro-Lama);

The Hidung Merah Performance Troupe, for the most advanced RNF students (Photos: HMPT);

The Sponsorship and Scholarship program, connecting sponsors with individual children to help fund their education;

The School Renovation program, helping to rebuild public school facilities with the support of corporate sponsors (Photos: SR program);

Red Nose Relief, a performance group that travels to conflict or disaster affected areas in Indonesia to provide  “emotional relief” to children and families.

Contact details
Red Nose Foundation
Yayasan Hidung Merah
Jalan Pondok Hijau 2, #33-35, Pondok Indah, 12930
Looking for more information about Red Nose? You can browse through our photos on Flickr, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
 Hidung Merah Publication 2010 COVER

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