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5 thoughts on “Subscribe

  1. I love what you doing, and I will do something with you one day ( when I will have some money…)..
    I hope the best for you and all those childrens….
    big respect.

  2. Dan,how are you,do you remember me?I love to see you on tv.please call me at le meridien hotel.Udin say hai for you.we waiting for you at al nafoura hehehe….”big huge for you man”

    • Waahhh.. Mas Irfan! Pasti saya ingat! Masih di meridien ya?? Taun kemarin, saya sempit kesana dan tanyain kalian, tapi ga ada. Nanti kalau bisa saya coba kesana lagi.. salam ya buat semua!

  3. Halo. I’ve read about this Red Nose Foundation and I’m very interested to help as a volunteer or in donation. I live in Bandung. How can I help you?

  4. salam kenal buat kamu Dan
    Saya mau bertanya donk…apakah red nose bisa berdiri di kota lain di Indonesia selain di Jakarta misalnya di Jambi.
    Saya tunggu jawabannya ya Dan.
    Terima kasih

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